Scary Bedtime Stories

Scary Bedtime StoriesDon’t you just love reading scary stories before you go to bed? Judging from some of the emails I get, people are longing for the shorter stories they can curl up to and read before retiring for the night.

With that in mind I’ve started writing books with 3 or 4 scary tales in each. I still have books that are longer but as long as you keep telling me you want short ones, I’ll keep putting out new ones.

I’ll write some short ones for you on this site just to whet your appetite. If anyone would like their own short scary ones posted, just drop me a line and I’ll let you know how to submit them.They have to be written by you and you’ll need to grant me the rights to post them here.

I’ll try to put up some reviews if I find some scary stories I’ve read that I think might interest you.

If you like scary stories, you’ll love this site.

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