Henry Rubble – Something’s Not Right

Henry Rubble - Something's Not RightIf you read about the first Henry Rubble book in an earlier post you’ll notice a different title. I changed it from Henry Rubble & a Parallel World to Something’s not Right.


Something wasn’t right. 🙂 The first book only delves into the fictional parallel world so I thought maybe that was misleading. The premise of book 1 is something’s not right. Henry has a feeling something’s not right but he doesn’t have a clue how many somethings aren’t right.

Make sense?

The first book is more in the reality world and introduces you to Henry. He gets put through the ringer far more than a 13 year old should ever be. I guess that’s my fault since I’m the writer. I actually felt bad for him as I kept coming up with new ways to rip him apart.

Ah well.


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