Witches’ Hollow by H P Lovecraft

H P Lovecraft was well known for his stories of horror. In this audio book, I was surprised to find that this story alluded to aliens from outer space. Maybe a story for the X-Files?


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The Painted Grave

The Painted Grave

What if you painted a picture and the picture suddenly took on a life of it’s own? Anyone remember Dorian Gray?


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Henry Rubble – Something’s Not Right

Henry Rubble - Something's Not RightIf you read about the first Henry Rubble book in an earlier post you’ll notice a different title. I changed it from Henry Rubble & a Parallel World to Something’s not Right.


Something wasn’t right. 🙂 The first book only delves into the fictional parallel world so I thought maybe that was misleading. The premise of book 1 is something’s not right. Henry has a feeling something’s not right but he doesn’t have a clue how many somethings aren’t right.

Make sense?

The first book is more in the reality world and introduces you to Henry. He gets put through the ringer far more than a 13 year old should ever be. I guess that’s my fault since I’m the writer. I actually felt bad for him as I kept coming up with new ways to rip him apart.

Ah well.


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I’ve just released a new scary book, this one intended for ages 10 and above. You can read more about it at ScaryChills.com.

Henry Rubble was my first venture into the young adult audience but I had requests from some younger kids who read The Arrowhead and wanted me to write scary stories for them. It was a fun experience and there will be plenty more stories to follow.

I relied on a book by Rayne Hall . . . Writing Scary Scenes . . . to enhance the scary scenes and I’d love to hear your thoughts if this is the type of book you enjoy reading and what you thought of the scary scenes. Too scary? Not scary enough?

I’ll reiterate that it is written for kids so I’ve written it in a different style than what you may have read from me previously.

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American Horror Story

Somehow series 1 escaped me. I never heard of it but when reading the article it seems there are mixed feelings on it. I’d love to hear yours if you watched.

I’ll see if it’s on Netflix and try to see when season 2 is on.


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Real Scary

Too many stories and movies nowadays that are horror or just plain scary stories use gore to sell the story.

That’s not scary in the context I’m discussing. I like the person getting ready to enter a room and you know there’s horror waiting for her but she doesn’t.

Or the spider slowly climbs up our hero’s arm and we wonder if it will bite and end the story.

Hitchcock was a master at making a scene tense. The tension builds and you’re scared to death until the heroin turns to her right and sees nothing and lets out a sigh of relief, just as the vampire grabs her from the left.

The gore part is the easy way out. Really scaring you takes skill.

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Parallel World

Does the thoughts of a parallel world intrigue you?

My newest series is about Henry Rubble. Although book 1 in what will be a series deals with things in Henry’s real life, beginning with an assassination attempt on the President of the United States, he also begins to learn things about a parallel world and make believe characters who live there.

Not to mention finding out what powers he possesses. It’s quite a lot to put a thirteen year old through.

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The Arrowhead

The Arrowhead is my newest scary story just published on Amazon. The premise of the story is taken from the classic The Monkey’s Paw but the story is it’s own.

What if you was offered 3 wishes but knew the consequences would be devastating? Would you make those wishes?

One man knows not to but another man is desperate. Desperation can bring down the mighty.

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Breaking Ground

My next book which should be out soon is a mystery with hints of the paranormal in it. It’s longer than my regular scary stories.

I have it being reviewed by several readers at the moment before I release it but here is a description I use to start the book.

Sometimes things happen in life and we just take for granted that what it seems to be is what it is. Does that make sense? Let me explain.

An innocent bystander gets killed during a shootout between gangs. The police investigate it and the news media reports on it and pretty much everyone thinks because there were two gang rivals having a shootout, the bystander who got shot was just a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Case closed.

And that’s probably true almost all the time. But what if that wasn’t the case. What if the innocent bystander was shot on purpose because maybe he had something that would implicate a member or one of the gangs? How would anyone know?

The chances are no one ever would. Unless there was somebody that for one reason or another started to suspect things weren’t as they were.

Excited yet? 🙂

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Scary Bedtime Stories

Scary Bedtime StoriesDon’t you just love reading scary stories before you go to bed? Judging from some of the emails I get, people are longing for the shorter stories they can curl up to and read before retiring for the night.

With that in mind I’ve started writing books with 3 or 4 scary tales in each. I still have books that are longer but as long as you keep telling me you want short ones, I’ll keep putting out new ones.

I’ll write some short ones for you on this site just to whet your appetite. If anyone would like their own short scary ones posted, just drop me a line and I’ll let you know how to submit them.They have to be written by you and you’ll need to grant me the rights to post them here.

I’ll try to put up some reviews if I find some scary stories I’ve read that I think might interest you.

If you like scary stories, you’ll love this site.

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